Ref21C13 - Therapeutic effect of Siliphos® in chronic liver disease

Therapeutic and Antilipoperoxidant Effects of Silibyn-Phosphatidylcholine Complex (Siliphos®) in Chronic Liver Disease:

Preliminary Results

S. Moscarella1, A. Giusti1, F. Marra1, C. Marena2, M. Lampertico2, P. Relli1, P. Gentilini1 and G. Buzzelli1

Institute of Clinica Medica II, University of Florence, Florence, Italy and 2Medical Department, Inverna della Beffa, Milan, Italy

Journal not listed on Medline

Eight patients (two men and six women), with viral chronic active hepatitis were treated with (Siliphos®) for two months. After treatment, serum malondialdehyde levels decreased by 36% (which indicates significantly less liver damage) and the quantitiative liver function evaluation increased by 15% (which is quite dramatic). A statistically significant reduction of transaminases was also seen. These results indicate (Siliphos®) is effective in improving the biochemical and quantitative indices of hepatic function in patients with chronic active hepatitis.