Ref10C2 - Long term usage of Siliphos®

3rd International Symposium, Flavonoids in Biology and Medicine, Singapore (1989)

Pharmacokinetics of a New Flavonolignan Complex (IdB 1016), (Siliphos®), Following Single and Multiple Doses in Man

N. Barzaghi, E. Perucla, *G. Pifferi and A. Crema

Department of Medical Pharmacology, University of Pavia, Papia, It. and *Inverni della Beffa S.p.A., Milan, Italy

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This study was designed to test the oral availability of Silybin, a major active constitiuent of the Silybum marianum extract, is markedly enhanced when administered in the form of phosphatidylcholine complex (Siliphos®). This study was designed to evaluate whether the pharmacokinetic properties of (Siliphos®) remain unchanged after multiple dose administration in healthy volunteers.

The study concluded that the results are not significantly modified during repeated administration. This means it appears not to lose efficacy during protracted usage.