Ref12P19 - Liver damage control properties of Siliphos®

Japan. J. Pharmacol. 60, 315-321 (1992)

Protective Activity of Silipide (Siliphos®) on Liver Damage in Rodents

Marisa Conti, Salvatore Malandrino and Maria Jose Magistretti

Inverni della Beffa Research and Development Laboratiories, via Ripamonti 99, Milan Italy

The aim of this study was to assess the effect of the silipide (Siliphos®) against liver damage induced by different agents.

The results of this study showed a significant and dose related protective activity against liver damage induced by toxic agents with different mechanisms of action. One of the poisons tested against was galactosomine which mimics hepatitis in its effect on the liver.

The constituents of silipide (Siliphos®), on their own, were devoid of any significant activity at doses equivalent to those contained in the active doses of silipide (Siliphos®).

The oral efficacy of silipide (Siliphos®) and the lack of activity of the uncomplexed silybin indicate that silybin reaches active concentrations at the site of action only when administered as a complex. (1, 2)

Favorable results of preliminary clinical trials (3,4) indicate that silipide (Siliphos®) can be considered as a promising new therapeutic agent for the treatment of hepatic disorders.

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