Ref11P1 - Liver Protective Activity

Department of Biochemistry
Faculty of Medicine
National University of Singapore 3rd International Symposium on Flavonoids in Biology & Medicine
November 1989

Liver Protective Activity of IdB 1016 (Siliphos®) A new Flavanolignan Complex

M. Conti, S. Malandrino, M.J. Magistretti*

Inverni della Beffa Research and Development Laboratories, Milan, Italy

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This substance was tested against its constituents (Silybin and Phosphotidylcholine) for protection against liver poisoning in lab rats. IdB 1016 (Siliphos®) was found to reduce liver cell damage indicators from one poison tested by 43%. For another poison it reduced liver necrosis from 68% in poisoned controls to 5% in treated animals.

The compound was consistently more active than either Silybin or Phosphatidylcholine alone. These results may be explained by the improved bioavailablity of IdB 1016 (Siliphos®)