Ref7P12 - Comparative bioavailability of Siliphos® vs. silybin

European Journal of Drug Metabolism and PharmacoKinetics, 1992, Vol. 17, No. 1, pp.39-44

Siliphos® versus Silybin

Comparative bioavailability of IbD 1016 (Siliphos®), a new flavanolignan complex, in rats

P. Morazzoni1, M.J. Magistretti 1, C. GIACHETTI2 and G. ZANOLO2

1 Inverni della Beffa Rasearch and Development Laboratories, Milan, Italy

2 "Antoine Marxer" Institute for Biomedical Research, Ivrea, Italy

The results of this study indicate a superior bioavailabilty of silybin administered orally as IbD 1016 (Siliphos®). This was due mainly to an impressive increase in gastrointestinal absorbtion.

It also clearly confirmed that pure silybin has a very low bioavailability; indeed, administered by oral route it does not result in detectable plasma levels of either unmodified or total silybin.