Ref16P23 - Antioxidant activity of Siliphos® against alcohol

Biochemical Pharmacology, Vol. 50 No. 8, pp. 1313-1316, 1995

Scavenging Effect of Silipide (Siliphos®), a new Silybin-phospholipid Complex, on Ethanol-Derived Free Radicals

A. Comoglio, A. Tomasi*, S. Malandrino**, G. Poli*** and E. Albano****

*Departments of Experimental Medicine and Oncology and Medical Sciences, University of Torino; ***C.N.R. Centre of Immunogenetics and Experimental Oncology, Torino; **Indena S.p.A. Milano and *Institut of General Pathology, University of Modena, Italy

The results of this study indicate that (Siliphos®) effectively scavenges hydroxhethyl radicals. However, this effect is lost when the same amount of pure silybin is administered instead. The ability of Silipide (Siliphos®) to scavenge ethanol-derived radicals along with its antioxidant activity suggests that this drug might be potentially useful in counteracting free radical-mediated injuries involved in the development of liver damage caused by alcohol abuse.